The North Shore As Seen Through The Lens Of Justin Jay

Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater. Photo: Justin Jay

Bikini Police

The fast track to catching cracks
Parko is great human being who has paid his dues. Kelly is a legend who you can’t help but respect and root for. Even though everybody on the North Shore had their personal favorites for who they wanted to win the world title, passions were relatively tame. There certainly wasn’t any Red Sox versus Yankees level rivalry amongst the fans or the athletes. Granted, the “Kelly 12” and Parko posters were all printed and ready to go, but they were respectfully kept tucked away in the team houses until a victor was actually decided. In most other major sporting events, the guy holding this sign would largely be ignored and regarded as simply an insignificant and ridiculous fan. Strangely, the atmosphere at a surf comp is closer to a golf tournament than to an NFL game. This dude wearing a pink bikini bottom and a “Go-Parko” half-shirt definitely stuck out. His antics clearly ruffled some feathers, including the large security guard approaching him. I lost track of what happened to him after this exchange, but I did hear tales of some very unhappy locals. Perhaps rocking this outfit seemed like a funny idea when he woke up that morning, but this is clearly not the getup you want to be wearing when you have to contend with the boys.

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