Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 2-13-2013

Boardstix Pens
Paint Pens have had a bigger influence on action sports than you may think. In skateboarding, paint pens were first used in late 80s as a way for skaters to decorate and personalize their boring black griptape. In the early 90s, surfing superstars, namely, Kelly Slater, started using paint pens to draw all kinds of quirky pictures on their boards, as well as make bold statements, and give homie shout outs (remember Timmy Curran’s big PS boards?). Anyway, in the past, Posca made the pens all the surfers used, but they were hard to find and expensive. Thankfully, the paint pen vibe is back in a big way with surfers like Andrew Doheney, Kid Creature, and Mason Ho putting paint pen to surfboard and getting weird using a new brand of surf-specific paint pens called Boardstix. These pens are packed with vibrant color, they’re long lasting, and they’re available to all of us. No offense to airbrush artists around the world, but order your next board all white, and get nuts on it with some Boardstix.—CC
$7 each

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