Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 2-6-2013

StompLab Bass Effect Processor By Vox Amps
I play bass guitar in a band called Kut U Up, yeah, I’m pretty rad. Anyway, I often get jealous of the cool pedals my guitar playing brothers get to use—all the screeching overdrives and killer echo stuff available with just a tap of the toe. But I can admit that while I enjoy the sounds guitar pedals make these days, I am either too inept or too lazy to really dig in to the world of pedals and figure out how they work. Thankfully, Vox has come out with an all-encompassing Bass guitar pedal that is jam packed with a vast array of sounds that can make even a mediocre player like myself sound amazing. The StompLab is easy to understand right out of the box and in the first jam session I was already rocking heavily distorted death metal licks, scaring my friends. Oh, Kut U Up is playing The Belly Up on February 12, ( and appears on a new compilation CD called Unsigned Unrest. Yes, that was a plug, yes, it was flagrant. Thank you.—CC


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