Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 2-6-2013

Volcom Pipe Pro Tee
2013 Volcom Pipe Pro Tee
Even though you didn’t win the contest, nothing says “I saw John John win that shit!” more than a tee with the bad-ass warrior helmet on it. And it’s not just me who wants this tee—every time I come home from a contest the bros are like, “Did you bring me a shirt?” Well, here ya go bros, click the link below and get one for yourself!—JC

Macbeth Shoes
Adams Camo By Macbeth
The Adams by Macbeth are low profile, comfortable kicks that look as good as they feel, both physically and spiritually. These shoes are vegan, and while I eat meat (a lot of meat), and I wear leather belts and jackets, it’s nice to know that at least one thing on my body didn’t come from the destruction of an animal. Also, I’m a huge fan of camo print. Some of you may think that wearing camo shoes with a Hawaiian shirt might be too much, I just think it’s awesome. In short, the Adams’ are light, comfy, low profile, and perfect for those sockless days of spring just around the corner.—Chris Coté

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