18th Annual Shane Dorian Keiki Classic Highlights

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Showing support for the event was none other than Kelly Slater and Big Island local CJ Kanuha.

18th Annual Shane Dorian Keiki Classic Highlights

Kona, Hawaii
January 19, 2013

The Event: Fifty kids 17-and under can enter for free with 2.25 GPA on their latest report card and 3 cans of food to donate to the local food bank. The waves were so big we had to move it for the first time ever—our back up spot was Lymans, a left point that was maxing with sets 10ft on the face. Pros that came to hang with the groms and support the event: Ezekiel Lau, Torrey Meister, Matt Meola, Kelly Slater, Keanu Asing, and CJ Kanuha

Keiki Classic 2013 final results
Girls 13 & under
1st Kiana Briggs
2nd Mehana Resetnikov
3rd Keelie Carlucci
4th Chloe Smith
5th Kona Resetnikov

Jr Girls 14-17
1st Kahanu
2nd Manu Napeahi
3rd Cayla Moore
4th Ana Tuppien

Boys 13 & Under
1st Kaunaloa Ng
2nd Brodi Sale
3rd Reed Tanoai
4th Noa East

Jr Boys 14-17
1st Charlie Akao
2nd Ulu Napeahi
3rd Shayden DeLa Cruz
4th Austin Gibson

Monster Award winners (free airfare to compete at NSSA Nationals)
Kahanu Delovio
Loa Ng