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Arctic Foam
5′ 8″ SB Blank From Arctic Foam
My friends at Arctic Foam gave me a blank to use to shape my very first surfboard, upon which I immediately apologized for the hack job I’m about to commit. One thing that gives me confidence that my board will at least be rideable is the fact that the blank itself looks like it’s already a shreddable surfboard. It feels like you could just glass the thing and go rip! I’m excited about shaping this board, the blank is calling to me and begging me to carve it into a piece of beauty, then lay on top of it, and gyrate. I hope I don’t let my friends at Arctic Blanks down and completely destroy this thing…I’ll keep you posted. For now, go ahead and buy a blank from them and attempt to shape a board for yourself, we can compare notes when we’re done.—CC
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