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Survival Straps
Fishtail Bracelet From Survival Straps
I got a few of these Survival Straps in the mail and they’re actually pretty sweet! I immediately thought of many situations that it would be good to have a bracelet that turns in to a rope. For example, what if I was searching for treasure in a cave and all the sudden fell in to a crevice filled with skeletons and spider? Simply unwind my Survival Strap, toss it up to something, tie it off, and pull myself up before I get bit by all those spiders. Oh, or something as simple as I forgot my straps and I need to tie a surfboard or bike to my car. These bracelets really could help you, in certain instances, save your life, and the company itself supports Wounded Warriors (already to the tune of $722,807!) so they’re winner’s in my book.—CC
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