The Morning Of The Year At Backdoor

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Body Glove's Alex Gray was ready for the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout, too bad the waves didn't cooperate long enough. Photo: photobrent

The Morning Of The Year At Backdoor
With the North Shore and surfers worldwide frothing to see Pipe and Backdoor specialists duke it out in the annual Da Hui Backdoor Shootout, social media was blowing up. ‘Best day of the year at Backdoor!’ and ‘Backdoor is firing!’ were common threads on instagram, yet Mother Nature had other ideas and the wind came up mid day (as forecasted) and there would be no Da Hui Backdoor Shootout. There just wasn’t enough time and good enough surf to run the day-and-a-half contest. I spoke with Da Hui’s Eddie Rothman yesterday and he was bummed but already looking forward to next year. “It was so good in the morning,” he growled into the phone. “The it just went to shit in the middle of the day. But hey, what are you gonna do? There’s always next year,” he added.

But just because the event didn’t run doesn’t mean the boys weren’t out there taking advantage of the great surf. See the photo gallery above for some pretty damn good Pipe and Backdoor.