2012 TransWorld SURF Awards Presented By Verizon

Web Series Of The Year: Ward Stories
You know a series is good if every time you finish an episode, you literally count the days ’til you get to see the next one. When the first episode of Ward Stories came out on lost.tv, that’s exactly how we felt. We actually even started harassing the guys at …Lost to hurry up and get the next one done! With car wrecks, fights, sick surfing, travel stories too-crazy-not-to-be-true, and interviews from Ward’s friends including Andy Irons, Bruce Irons, the Hobgoods, Parko, Mick, and more, this series is unmatched as far as entertainment goes. Chris Ward truly is the most interesting surfer in the world—this series proves it.

Chris Ward

Not sure that Chris Ward is the best person to give a machete to but we did anyway… Photo: CC

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