2012 TransWorld SURF Awards Presented By Verizon

Surfer Of The Year: John John Florence
For the second year in a row, John John takes the TransWorld Surfer Of The Year Award. If you thought 2011 was a hell of a year for JJ, think about his 2012: he won one of the greatest heats ever at the Volcom Pipe Pro, went out on tour and won his first WCT event at the Billabong Rio Pro; won the Kustom Airstrike; appeared on multiple magazine covers (including the February 2013 issue of TransWorld SURF); got an invite to the Eddie and the Red Bull Jaws event, and even had time to film his new game-changing profile video, Done. With his teens behind him, John John has grown in to the alpha-surfer—charging as hard as anyone, doing better airs than anyone, and yes, now he’s winning World Tour events. If the ASP knows what’s up, he will be crowned Rookie Of The Year. If not, who cares? He’s the TransWorld SURF Surfer Of The Year—what could be better than that? We’ll see what he does in 2013—we might just have to change the name of this award to the John John Florence Award.
Special thanks to Fender Guitars for kicking down the Classic Series 50s Stratocaster guitar!
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John John Florence | France | Photo: Dorsey

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