Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 12-19

MoonraKerr 5.0 3D Fins
I’ve been hearing about these new 3D fins out of Australia for a while now and this morning finally got to try out a set after getting hooked up on the North Shore. Let me tell you, these babies fly! Granted the waves were pretty damn good, but I could instantly tell the difference between the ones I had in my board before and these. The main difference between 3D fins and all the others out there are the dimples. Not the kind of dimples that make a fat chick cute—actual dimples on the fin like a golf ball. I won’t get all hydrodynamical on you, but my theory is the golf world has spent billions of dollars developing the perfect ball (with dimples) so why not translate that technology into fins? As an added value, the MoonraKerr 5.0 comes in this bad ass Cheetah print…and we all know how fast cheetahs are.—Justin Coté

MoonraKerr 3D Fins

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