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Tom Delonge Tee
Gooey Tom Delonge Tee By Macbeth X Sketchy Tank
Sketchy Tank is one of my favorite artists, so when he releases a limited print, I jump at the chance to own it. His latest work of gooey art is a collab with Macbeth Footwear. To celebrate his birthday and the release of the new Blink 182 EP, Dogs Eating Dogs, Sketchy Tank created a “Gooey Tom Delonge” limited edition T-shirt and poster. Sketchy Tank has made many gooey renditions including David Bowie, Morrissey, Tupac, Biggie, and more. The gooey Tom prints and T’s are probably sold out by now—Blink 182 fans are ravenous! Go ahead and check out to see if there are any left, if so, buy one immediately.—CC
$25 or

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