Best Of The 2012 Billabong Pipe Masters

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After a round two loss to Dane Reynolds, Aussie charger Kai Otton was livid and stormed up the beach and into the judging tower. A certain security guard, Kimo, grabbed him as he was headed up the stairs and "defused" the situation as only a 320lb Hawaiian can—with force. Despite the loss, it was great to see the fire and passion from Ottz. Photo: Checkwood

Best Of The 2012 Billabong Pipe Masters
The 24 best photos from the season ending Pipe Masters
The season ending Billabong Pipe Masters featured everything we look for in a contest; brutal wipeouts, heroic tube riding, babes on the beach, WT requalification drama, and the crowning of a new ASP World Champion. Here’s a look back the best photographic moments from the 2012 Billabong Pipe Masters with Kelly Slater, Joel Parkinson, Josh Kerr, Damien Hobgood, Miguel Pupo, John John Florence, Sebastian Zietz, Yadin Nicol, Pat Gudauskas and more Pipe Masters competitors.

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