Timmy Reyes Signs With Pro-Lite

Timmy Reyes At Backdoor
Timmy Reyes Signs With Pro-Lite

Former WCT stand out and current global wave hunter Timmy Reyes has signed on to represent Pro LIte International. “So stoked to be part of a great brand and I can’t wait for our adventures together. Pro -lite is 30 years old this year and so am I!”said Reyes, “Core brands is where it’s at!” Timmy will be working on a line of products due out in 2013 integrating his love of surfing and experience traveling and putting that knowledge into developing some true travel inspired product. “We are stoked to have someone like Timmy who is the most surf stoked human you would ever want to meet. He brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm that we love to be involved with.” said Sales and Marketing Director Mike “Hendo”Henderson. “Timmy is well accomplished and a well rounded surfer who brings a ton of value and experience to our brand”

Timmy will be focusing on chasing swell and continuing his travels around the globe, while also competing in a select few WQS events, while continuing his pursuit of waves and documentation of his #pioneering and #urbaneering surf travels.