Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 11-28

The Summit Collab by Brixton and Poler
Our homies at Brixton have linked up with our other homies at Poler to collaborate on a hat that is as functional as it is cool looking. The Summit is a six-panel cap with pull down earflaps that tie in the front. It features custom printed lining and Polar/Brixton embroidery at the back panel. This hat is limited, comes in black and camel colorways, and if this thing doesn’t get you laid at your local watering hole you get a full refund. Well, that’s not true, but trust me, wearing this hat can only help your cause, and while the hat alone won’t keep your body warm, the naked body of the person you just met while wearing it will. So, go buy this hat, wear it to a bar, when a girl asks you about the hat, say, “Yeah it’s a limited edition Brixton X Poler collab hat—but enough about me, let’s talk about you…” It works every time.—CC

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