The Hottest Girls In Pro Surfing 2012 Edition

12. Coco Ho

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Coco Ho at home on the North Shore. Photo: Kenworthy

DOB: April 28, 1991
Hometown: Sunset Beach, Oahu
Sponsors: Volcom clothing, Nike footwear, Gatorade, Moskova, Swatch
Stance: Natural
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Coco comes from the Ho family—which is basically surfing royalty in Hawaii. Born and raised at the beach, Coco has been surfing with her dad (Michael), World Champion uncle Derek, and brother Mason her entire life. Coco has been on the elite level of the ASP World Tour since 2009 and won the Rip Curl Pro Search Portugal in the same year as a rookie. A fan of Beyonce and girls night out, the bubbly Coco is the life of the party wherever she goes.

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