The Hottest Girls In Pro Surfing 2012 Edition

13. Carissa Moore

DOB: August 27, 1992
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Sponsors: Red Bull, Nike, Target, DaKine
Stance: Natural
Find her at:,,,

The 2010 ASP World Champion in 2011, Carissa Moore blew the lid off the Women’s tour that year and has been a force to be reckoned with since then. In 2012 ‘Riss had to deal with a back-in-form Stephanie Gilmore and placed 3rd in the year-end ratings. That said, the Honolulu native has been training hard on the North Shore with her Nike pit crew and will look to avenge her 3rd place finish. Far from a one trick pony, Carissa Moore also has an amazing voice—she sang for us one night and it was amazing! On the downside (at least for the single guys out there), the lovely Hawaiian now has a steady boyfriend and is off the market. Yep, all the good ones are taken!

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