The Hottest Girls In Pro Surfing 2012 Edition

15. Bethany Hamilton

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Bethany Hamilton. Photo: ASP

DOB: February 8, 1990
Hometown: Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii
Sponsors: Rip Curl, Sticky Bumps, Channel Islands, Futures, Hanalei Surf Company
Stance: Goofy
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One of, if not the most, famous surfers on the planet, Bethany survived a tiger shark attack while surfing on her native Kauai when she was just thirteen years old. Less than a month after having her arm amputated following the attack, Bethany fearlessly returned to the water and was surfing better than ever. Since then, Bethany has had a major motion picture, Soul Surfer, made about her, received an MTV Teen Choice Award, towed in at Jaws, and inspired thousands of people worldwide with her story and courage.

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