The Hottest Girls In Pro Surfing 2012 Edition

19. Lakey Peterson

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Lakey Peterson in the Mentawais. Photo: Kenworthy

19. Lakey Peterson
DOB: September 30, 1994
Hometown: Santa Barbara, California
Sponsors: Nike, Kaenon, McDonalds, Channel Islands surfboards
Stance: Natural
Find her at:,,,

One of the new breed of girls on the elite ASP World Tour, Lakey Peterson mixes big airs with a clean Rincon-bred style. A winner of the 2012 US Open Of Surfing, Lakey was featured in Nike’s female surf movie, Leave A Message, and finished the year ranked #7 on the women’s ASP World Championship Tour. A philanthropist as well as ripping surfer, Lakey is the co-founder of the Clean Water Tour, a music and film festival that connects people around the globe with shared interests in clean water causes. Along with her previously mentioned accolades, Lakey’s grandfather invented the McDonald’s McMuffin, hence the McDonalds sponsorship.

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