Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 11-14

Arnette Catfish
Arnette 20th Anniversary Catfish
I’ve had a lot of jobs in the surf industry. From worthless lay about surf shop employee to touring tent-boy to team manager—I’ve done it all. In the mid-90s I worked as jr. team manager for Arnette, and all day long, I’d sling Catfish sunglasses to team riders all over the world. 20 years ago, the Arnette Catfish was the SHIT! The coolest sunglasses that anyone wore in all action sports pretty much. I must have sent out million of these things to the Arnette team in colors ranging from bright white to silver to clear. Sunglass styles have changed a lot since then, but like most trends, things that were cool twenty years ago have a way of coming back … we’ll see. For me, these glasses remind me of a great time in my life with no worries, so I’m glad Arnette has released them! I might just strap my chain wallet to my baggy Dickies shorts, listen to some Blink 182 in my Jetta and go do some chop hops!—CC

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