Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 11-14

Tryptych A Film By Michael Kew
Michael Kew is a long time contributor to TransWorld SURF and has explored this world far and wide surfing and documenting his journeys through countless articles for us, The Surfer’s Journal, and in his own book, titled, Crossings. Kew’s new film, Tryptych is a soulful piece of free flowing surf cinema that features “Eight surfers in three scapes of sublime exotica.” With a unique cast of surfers that includes Ryan Burch, Craig Anderson, Daniel Jones, Brendon Gibbons, and Pat Millin just to name a few, this movie truly captures the essence of surf travel to distant shores both tropical and glacial. The soundtrack is another star in this film. Composed by Johnny McCann, the score is one 39-minute-long mind trip of swirling guitar layers that perfectly match the vibe of the film. Well done, Kew, Tryptych is more of an experience than surf movie.—Chris Coté

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