Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 10-31

Plastic Skateboards Banana Boards
Sure there are a lot of plastic skateboards on the market right now, so what—there are a lot of everything on the market right now. Banana Boards are sick. Shit, they were designed by Lance Mountain, how could they not be sick? Anyway, the top is covered in 3D Grip Circles, the stock wheels and bearings are hella fast, and the retro vibe is just peachy. The boards are 23.2 inches by six inches and come in a six killer colors. And how ‘bout this, the first three correct answers (in the comment section below) will each win a Banana Board set up! The question is: What food is Lance Mountain eating the opening segment of Bones Brigade Video Show: Part One? Answer in the comment section to win!—CC

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