2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Landyachtz Ripple Ridge

Landyachtz The Ripple Ridge
Designed to improve your day, this board uses its rockered
platform and kick tail to make getting your ass where it needs to be as much
fun as possible.
$78 (deck) / $187 (complete)

Landyachtz Fiberglass Drop Hammer
Fiberglass and bamboo combine to create a light weight springy
cruiser board. Drop mounted to make it more stable and easier to ride.
Perfect for cruising the strip and slashing the hills.
$133 (deck) / $237 (complete)

Landyachtz Switch
The symmetrical drop platform lowers your center of gravity and
locks your feet in place, this gives riders of all levels the confidence to
ride any hill or push any distance. Setup with Bear trucks this lowrider
will carve as hard as any pintail out there.
$128 (deck) / $235 (complete)

Nixon Supertide
The Supertide by Nixon
High resolution custom digital with pre-programmed tide charts and sunrise/sunset data for over 230 beaches, 48 hour future tide, heat timer, and light.
Soloshot Automatic Cameraman
Olloclip 3-in1 iPhone Lens
-3-in-One quick-connect lens solution for the iPhone 5/4S/4.
-3 lense: fisheye, wide-angle, and macro
in one small, convenient package.
-fits in a pocket and in the palm of the hand.
-Great for bragging rights on Instagram and social media

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