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Pro Lite Comp Leash
Pro-Lite Comp Leash
For the most part I eschew the use of a leash. I mainly surf beachbreaks and don’t like the drag or ankle yank that comes with a leash. But that train of though goes out the door come winter as I find myself surfing reef breaks and the water gets cold (making for an unpleasant swim). Anyway, there’s no need to get fancy when choosing a leash and there are some great options out there. That said, the bros from Pro-Lite came down last week and hooked us up with their new comp leash. It’s thin but not too thin, and comes with swivels at both ends so it doesn’t get all tangled up. And while I think 5’5” is a bit short, after a few uses it will stretch a bit giving you enough distance between you and your board when you pop up after falling or kicking out.—JC
$ Ask At Your Favorite Surf Shop

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