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Sonos Play: 3 Wireless Hi Fi System
Todd Richards (pro snow bro, host of AWSM on Alli at hooked me up with a set of these amazing speakers—all I had to do was mow his lawn and teach him how to do airs, too easy! Anyway, I must say that I feel pretty cool to be streaming music wirelessly all around my house, and this little speaker kicks some ass and sounds clear as a bell. So far, I just have the one speaker set up in my living room, but the Sonos system is easily expandable and I don’t have to worry about trying to run wires and shit all over my house. Controlled with your phone or computer, I can stream as much Sonic Youth or Calexico as I want, as well as rock Pandora and Spotify. I feel all cool and techy now, I think I might convert my Prius to hydrogen now, I’ll tell you how that works out for me.—CC

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