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The New Yorker
You don’t have to live in New York to read and enjoy the New Yorker (although the show listings in the “Goings On About Town” section will make you green with envy at all the amazing shows New York gets on a daily basis). Inside this magazine you will find the most insightful social commentary, poetry, music and film reviews, fantastic works of fiction, humor writing from some of the world’s greatest comedy writers of our time, as well as the world famous New Yorker Cartoons. While the magazine has been around since 1925, the New Yorker is somehow still on the edge of pop culture—especially the covers, which often feature cartoons that inherently critique our society, political landscape, or just plain make us laugh. Subscribe to the New Yorker, it comes about every other week and will blow your mind every time. Shit, you may even learn something.—CC
$70 (gets you the magazine for a year, iPad edition, and exclusive web content)

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