Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 9-26

Ipico iPhone Hand Held Projector
I’m just gonna cut to the chase here and tell you about this killer new pocket sized projector that connects to your iPhone and allows you to project video or photos on a wall or any other surface. In a dim or dark room, the ipico screen can project in excess of 50″ diagonal. And as the ipico website says, “pair with wireless, Bluetooth speakers and you have your own home theater practically anywhere, indoors or out!” I’ve already put my order in for one of these little magical projectors (the projector itself is just a tad bigger than the iPhone itself and holds your phone in place while projecting). Imagine pulling this thing out at a bar and showing the whole joint a video of you naked running through a field in slow motion—chicks would lose their minds! You just became Batman, and as we all know, Batman gets chicks.—Chris Coté

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