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Skullcandy Vandal Speaker Dock
I was looking for something on the net about vandalism. I fell asleep on a park bench and some punk kids came by and wrote “dickhead” across my face. I wanted to find out if writing a slur like that across a human face was considered vandalism. Anyway, during my online journey of discovery, I happened upon this fantastic speaker dock made by Skullcandy. The Vandal has a very look that reminds me of a vintage guitar amp and judging by the Skullcandy sound systems I’ve had in the past, it probably has a great sound! So guess what, I don’t care if writing dickhead on someone is vandalism, as far as I’m concerned, it’s art. Those kids did me a favor, if I would have never been written on, I would have never found the Vandal, thanks kids!—CC


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