Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 8-29

Bag Of Rhythm From The House Of Marley
Agreeing to put Bob Marley’s name on an audio product is a pretty gnarly gesture. After all, Bob Marley is Legend—there’s no other Bob on Earth that you can equate with such world-changing music or legacy. “Do you listen to Bob?”—Yeah, we’ll all know who you’re talking about. So, being that I like to take boom boxes and an iPod everywhere I go, I checked out the Marley line of sound products and found the perfect companion to my beach days, BBQ’s, backyard skate sessions, bike rides, etc.—the Marley Bag Of Rhythm is going to be my new friend for a long time. With “twin 1″ tweeters, twin 4.5″ high-definition woofers and a powerful amplifier” this portable speaker bag can easily overpower the sound of my friends making mom jokes all day and the look of the bag is just plain cool. Made using FSC certified birch and recycled plastics, this bag sounds good and is good for you. So, Mr. Marley, could I please have one of these? I’ll steady-rock the beach party with Bob Marley b-sides all damn day!—CC

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