Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 8-29

Proof’s Ontario Skate Collection
I read about these guys making glasses made from recycled skate decks a while back and was immediately intrigued. There’s something about a used and abused skate deck that just begs to be repurposed in to something else. Obviously the fine art of Haroshi comes to mind when thinking of the peak of skate deck reuse on a grand scale (if you haven’t seen his work, google it now—mind blower). In another example of brilliant skate-deck-repurposing, may I introduce Proof sunglasses’ Skate Collection. They hand craft each pair of shades using the color and grain of the skate deck, making each pair unique. These glasses look and feel so organic and somehow have life in them—I know, sounds trippy right? Anyway, check out the Ontario Skate Collection by Proof, soulful, unique, and beautifully used, like your mom.—CC

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