Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 8-29

Beyond Blazing Boards DVD By Chris Bystrom
The sentimental value of this film to me is unfathomable. This was the first surf movie I ever watched, as one of the few children in the audience at the premiere at the world famous La Paloma Theater in Encinitas, California. From start to finish, Beyond Blazing Boards truly captures the essence of surfing in the mid 80s. All the top surfers were in this film—Tom Curren, Kong, Ronnie Burns, and of course, my favorite, Occy! The music was and still is amazing to this day. Who could ever forget the crescendo of The Untouchables “Wild Child” hitting just as Occy does one of the most radical turn/airs the world ever seen to that point! I have chills just thinking about it, and thanks to my friends at Surfy Surfy Surf shop in Leucadia, California, now I have Beyond Blazing Boards on DVD! Thank you, Chris Bystrom R.I.P.—CC

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