Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 8-29

Ecoxpower Pedal Powered Bike Light/Phone Charger
I love night rides on my BMX bike, I wouldn’t say I do it with safety in mind—fast and dangerous would probably be more accurate. Sometimes though, I acquiesced to the right side of my brain and wear a headlamp while I ride, as the headlamp is really the only sort of bike light I have. Not for long though, I just got word of this pedal powered bike LED light that has a phone charger adaptation as a bonus! Here’s the spiel, “ECOXPOWER features an ultra-bright LED front headlight and red rear taillight that mounts to your bike’s front wheel hub. The included USB adapter cable runs up the front fork and into the handlebar mounted, water-resistant smart phone case.” Sounds pretty amazing to me, and I don’t have to wear a headlamp or worry about my phone dying on my ride from The Saloon to Fish 101 (about three miles).—CC

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