Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog: 8-15

Nike+ Fuel Band

I got one of these Nike+ Fuel Bands at the US Open a few weeks ago and it’s become something of an addiction. Basically, the band is a gentle reminder to get your ass up and start moving. It “tracks your activity through a sport-tested accelerometer”, which means that when you wake up, put the band on, and start doing stuff, you start getting points. You set a point goal and when you hit that goal, you get a little graphic on the band that congratulates you—and it always feels good to be congratulated. You can sync the band with your phone and computer to compete with friends and reach higher goals. The way I see it, any piece of technology that wants to help me get rid of this double chin and muffin top is welcome, especially when it feels like a game.—C.C.

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