Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog: 8-8

 LP 2 GO
Ion LP 2 GO Portable USB Turntable
I’m not gonna start this Wednesday Want by telling you all about the joys of record collecting and pontificating on how “music sounds best on vinyl”. I celebrate all forms of music playing from mp3 to cassette and yes, I am a vinyl disciple, but that doesn’t make me any better than you. Let me start over. So, the Ion LP 2 Go portable USB turntable fits in a backpack, has built in speakers, it’s powered by USB or four AA batteries, has a 1/8” output for adding portable speakers, and it plays 7 inch’s and big dog LPs. The USB out also lets you plug this little wonder in to your computer to convert your favorite albums to mp3! I’ve always wanted to be able to listen to my old Jose Feliciano records on my iPod, and someday, and as soon as I get my hands on the LP 2 GO, I will, that’s a promise.—CC

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