Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog: 8-8

Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog: 8-8
Because who doesn’t love scrunch butt bikinis and surfboards?

Bar Of Soap Surfboard By Tyler Warren
I’ve been hearing so many good things about this weird little board that it’s come to the point where every time I see Tyler Warren I hint that “I’d really love to try one”, and telling him, “Man, those little bar of soap boards look really fun—got any old ones laying around I could catch a wave or two on?” Tyler always says “For sure”, but it’s always at some party or surf contest, so there’s really no way of actually grabbing one from him. So I think by putting it down on paper, it could actually get one of these boards in my hands for a week or so. Tyler, if you’re reading this, I’d really love to try a bar of soap. I promise I won’t drop it. Get it, drop the soap? Anyway, prison shower-rape jokes aside, I’d still really love to try out a 4’11 Bar Of Soap with a hull entry, spiral V though the tail, and hand foiled fins by Daniel Partch, thanks.—Chris Coté

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