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My Oceanside Aaron Checkwood Book
My Oceanside Coffee Table Book By Aaron Checkwood
Unlike the guy who created ‘My Oceanside,’ I’m not from O-side. But the reason I’d like to get my hands on a copy of Checky’s book isn’t only because I work right next to the guy and will be considered an asshole if I don’t support his efforts at documenting his hometown, but more so because I love the grittiness and spirit of Oceanside. It’s a Marine town with a heavy dose of Latin culture and a sideshot of Samoan pride. Through his photography, Checky portrayed his town to a tee. From the Mexican wresting on Sundays in the barrio, to the Junior Seau jersey wearing Samoans, to the perfect peaks up and down the Strand, the 152-page hard back book is like taking a trip to O-side without the locals at Buccaneer paddling around you on every wave (yeah I’m talking to you Charlie Anderson).—Justin Coté

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