Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog: 7-25

Josh Hall Longboard
Josh Hall Surfboards JM Model
I suck at riding logs, but trying is half the fun right? I’ve been asking some of my really cool logger friends what logs are the best and my most influential and awesome log-sliding bros, Thomas Campbell (yeah, dropping hot names, so what) told me that Josh Hall boards are the jam. From what I know, he was trained by the great Skip Frye, is a San Diego local, and shapes some of the most unique, beautiful, and functional logs you could ever hope to cruise on. I checked out the website and the board that caught my eye was this JM Model in all of it’s big, black, beauty. It’s available from anywhere between 9’6 and 10’2 and as Josh describes, the features are as follows: “50/50 rails all the way, not too pinched, not too round, Low entry rocker with lots of kick in the last 12 inches, Glass on Nuuhiwa at 2 ¼” from the tail”—I don’t know what most of that means, all I know is this looks like an amazing summer log for me to do coffin rides on.—CC

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