Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog: 7-25

Odysea by Catch Surf
Soft boards are all the rage—and why shouldn’t they be—they’re awesome! This particular soft-top log is fast, loose, and soft enough that when you and your friends lay crash up derby on it, no one will need to go to the emergency room afterwards! This is the ideal board for a beginner as well as a pro who wants to run down to Lowers and wreak havoc on the poor saps out in the water trying to surf seriously. Personally, I love this board on a hot summer day somewhere in between two and four beers—but that’s not to say that I encourage drinking and surfing, I don’t. There are three sizes (7’0”, 8’0” and 9.0”) to choose from and a gaggle of colors and stamps you can combine to make the board totally your own—better yet, buy one and draw all over it with a paint pen, that’s some summer fun in the sin right there!—CC

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