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The Quiksilver Women’s Collection
Stephanie Gilmore just won her fifth world title, and damn, it feels good to be a woman. While women’s surfing often gets the short end of the stick, yet 2012 feels like a renaissance. These lady surfers are inspirations and are not afraid to be strong, fierce and independent, while simultaneously looking beautiful, graceful and elegant. And although their surfing speaks for itself, it’s also important how you present yourself to the world out of the water.
The Quiksilver Women’s Collection isn’t just about clothing; it’s about aesthetic. It’s about style. It’s about lifestyle. It is perfect for all the Roxy girls that have grown up into smart, athletic, beautiful women. Who are inspired by women of poise and icons of style. Who embody the culture of sun, sand, and waves and are not afraid to wear bold pieces that yell costal mindset and an independent spirit. Affordable, comfortable and fun, the Quiksilver Women’s collection makes it feel good to be a woman.—AM
Prices range from $25- $124

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