September 2012 Issue Preview

Cloudbreak June 2012

An empty Cloudbreak bomb graces the cover of the September 2012 issue of TransWorld SURF. Photo: Brent Bielmann aka photobrent/SPL. Congrats on your first cover Brent!

What’s Inside The September 2012 Issue Of TransWorld SURF…
With the ship date quickly bearing down upon the staff, we had the issue all ready to go with a few pages dedicated to the not-yet-completed Volcom Fiji Pro when all hell broke loose at Cloudbreak. Frenzied emails from the media center at Tavarua threw a wrench into the plan and a three-page contest article turned into 20-pages of awe inspiring images from Fiji. And for that, we say “Thank You Fiji.” We think you will, too.

Chippa Wilson, Dillon Perillo, and Nathan Florence avoid the MS-13 and score untapped surf on a multi-country road trip through the heart of El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

A concerned reader asks us to please refrain from producing a surf “film” ever again. We did not listen. Introducing the 2012 TransWorld SURF movie, Let’s Surf Seriously.

The Volcom Fiji Pro had everything a surf fan could want; thrilling competitive matchups, heroic feats of courage, carnage, blood, glory, and fear. It was a week that forever changed surfing.

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