Hurley | Rip My Shred Stick | Tour Update #3


1st Street Jetty, Virginia Beach blessed stop number 14 of the Rip My Shred Stick Tour with perfect conditions and one foot waves, which allowed for some seriously creative wave riding. The 85 competitors embraced the not-so-serious judging criteria as they took to the water on the Hurley INT softtops for some board transfers, shakas and silliness. The entertainment out in the water came to peak when the bonus round final featured some of the best rides we’ve seen this tour. Congrats to Simon Hetrick on the big win!

Final results:
1. Simon Hetrick
2. Ezra Snyder
3. Carly Grulich
4. Hunter Smith
5. Nick Copenhaver
6.Elizabeth Summer

For more information, extended photo and video highlights, full results, and the upcoming RMSS tour schedule, please click here.

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