Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 6-27

Adventure Sports Tours (AST) Central America
I’m not sure I’m allowed to want something I’ve already had, but since I don’t have it now I figure it counts. In any regard, the AST multi-country adventure tour is the ultimate affordable summer surf trip. These guys offer something special: Three luxurious properties in three different locations—two in El Salvador (Punta Roca and Las Flores) and one in Nicaragua (Puerto Sandino). And the best part? In as little as one week’s time, they can drive you between all three. Last month myself, along with Dillon Perillo, Chippa Wilson, and Nathan Florence did exactly that—scoring at every stop. Check the upcoming issue of TransWorld SURF for the story and photos, and we’ll have webisodes dropping from the trip next week.—ZM
MSRP varies per trip and location

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