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Drew Toonz
Drew Toonz | Kyox Sparkle
Surf Skool 4 Pillow
With Surf Skool 4 on the verge of worldwide release, it’s time to get on the bandwagon and start buying up every piece of Surf Skool memorabilia you can. The Surf Skool series is the ONLY cartoon that matters, and Surf Skool 4 (Starring Kelly Slater as himself) is destined to be the best one yet. Oh, and yes, that is me on the pillow along with Kelly Slater, Johnny Stone, and the rest of the epic Surf Skool cast or characters. Check out the trailer for Surf Skool 4 below and for more info about Surf Skool, find Drew Toonz on This movie is gonna kick ass.—CC

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