Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 5-23

Air Rifle
Crosman Airgun
MAV 77 Underlever Air Rifle
The crows in my neighborhood are getting out of control—the fuckers wake me up every morning with their guttural “Kaw Kaw” calls and it’s driving me insane. I think crows are kind of cool to look at, and I love all animals, but this constant wake up call bullshit is getting to me. I was wondering if it would be okay with ya’ll if I buy this amazing Crosman Benjamin MAV 77 to take care of the crow problem? Apparently, It’s “a useful tool when hunting small game and varmints.” The website says it’s easy to use too, “Simply cock the gun once to achieve maximum velocity and power. The fixed barrel design provides excellent leverage when cocking which results in smoother cocking motion.” That’s a lot of cocking action! Lets do this—who wants to come hunt some crow?—CC

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