Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 5-23

Neff Aloha
Mahalo T-Shirt
My aloha shirt addiction is flaring up hard for this Neff creation. It’s an Aloha shirt t-shirt! I want one of these because sometimes you just can’t be bothered with buttoning up your shirt and you want to just pull one over your head instead. Neff makes bright and fun gear and I need more of that in my life. So Mr. Neff, if you’re reading this, I want this shirt. I am actually a very VERY wealthy man so I can probably just buy it, but it’s so much fun to get it as a gift. That’s the thing with Wednesday Wants, we actually do really want this shit, and this is our way of cyber-begging for it. Is it working? I’ll tell you when I’m wearing my new Neff, Mahalo shirt in a week or so.—CC

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