Introducing The 2012 TWS Photo Book

2012 TransWorld SURF Photo Book

Introducing The 2012 TransWorld SURF Photo Book—an oversized ode to surf photography chalk full of the world’s best surf action and lifestyle.

Photo Book 1

“The annual Photo Book is to surfers what hardcore porn is to perverts.”TransWorld SURF Editor In Chief Chris Coté

Kelly Slater
A great surf photo will elicit emotional reactions in the mind of a reader. This photo of Kelly Slater in West Oz gives us high levels of anticipation and excitement—you can bet Kelly’s feeling the same, too. Photo: Damea Dorsey

Dane GudauskasDane Gudauskas at Teahupo‘o as seen in the 2012 Photo Book. Photo: Russo

Dane ReynoldsHomework with Dane Reynolds. We think you’ll agree that Mr. Reynolds ripping his home waters is worthy of a few pages.

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