Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 5-9

O’Neill Bahia 2/1 mm short spring
Usually I don’t condone ladies wearing wetsuits while surfing. I, like most men prefer the new style of women wearing Brazilian cut bikinis out in the lineup. But just the other day I saw a really hot young woman wearing this O’Neill long arm spring suit with a booty short butt and damn, it was really sexy. There’s something about the booty short cut that gets me every time. I wasn’t trying to be creepy when I asked the girl how the suit was, she could tell ‘cause we talked about the wetsuit for a minute between waves. She said it was awesome, comfortable, and warm enough for early sessions in springtime temps. Ladies, if you’re not in a bikini, wear this wetsuit, you’ll love it and so will the dudes surfing around you.—CC

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