ESA SE Regional Championships Results

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Girls Final (from left to right): 1st Rossi klein, 2nd Sydney herring, 3rd Izzy Gomez, 4th Jazmine Dean, 5th Shealyn Cunningham, 6th Avery Aydelotte Photo:

New Smyrna Beach lived up to its billing as “Florida’s’ wave magnet” for the ESA South East Regional Championships. Four days of pumping surf and stellar competition. The ladies and gentlemen of the South East Region sent out the message of “game on” to the other Regional competitors. Stay tuned as we work our way through the North East Regional, April 27-29, and the Mid Atlantic Regional, May 3-6.

The top competitors from each Regional Championship advance to the Easterns Championship, September 16-23, in Cape Hatteras (Buxton) North Carolina.