Party Pics: Vestal Village At Coachella

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Photo: photobrent/SPL

2012 marks the third straight year that Vestal invited friends, retailers, athletes, artists and musicians to “Vestal Village,” a secret camping community constructed on a ten-acre ranch in the desert, coinciding with the Coachella Music Festival. This 72-hour mystical Vestal Village event is not so much a “party,” but more of an unorthodox resort community comprised of one unicorn stable and two on-site living environments; a field full of RV’s and a compound filled to the brim with 100 tents reminiscent of the occupy Wall Street movement, except with less clothing and more pink flamingoes. Highlights of the weekend include the pop up BBQ 220 restaurant, round the clock open bar by PBR, Titos Vodka, Peligroso Tequila & Sailor Jerry Rum, secret late night performances by Boots Electric featuring Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal, Shiny Toy Guns, Magic Wands, Robert DeLong & DJ Metric, the legendary “bungee rope slip n’ slide and much, much more…