Wednesday Wants Surf Gear 4-18

Hoodie Buddy
Baja Style Hoodie Buddie w/ HB3 Technology
The Mexican poncho comes in many forms, but the classic Mexican poncho used by surfers is the hooded version with the pocket in the front—usually bought while waiting in line to cross the border back in to America. You know, the one made most famous by Spicoli. Well, who would have thought that the classic surf poncho would have been given a high tech makeover, but it has thanks to our friends at Hoodie Buddie. The poncho is super soft and already worked in when you first get it, it has earbuds built it in, and a special zippered pocket for you iPod. After you wear the thing for two months straight and it starts to smell like bongwater, you can wash it and not worry about ruining the headphones—hell yeah! This is the perfect poncho for listening to music in math class, or just skipping class all together cause the line was so long at the vending machines.—CC


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